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Submission Guidelines

If you are interested in joining our conference, please submit your paper and registration form to by December 31, 2013. Your submitted paper will undergo a double-blinded peer review process and the review results will be provided within two weeks. Not only English but also Chinese, Japanese, and Korean written papers are considered for submission. For paper submission, please follow the style guidelines.

◈ Formatting Basics

– File Types: Word (except Word 2007) or RTF. (No PDFs please.)

– Font: 12 fonts, Times New Roman

– Text [Including references]: Double-spaced, left-justified

– Page Layout: All sides with page numbers in the upper right corner and no header/footer

– Page Maximum: 30 pages, properly formatted and inclusive of title, abstract, keywords, text, references, tables, figures, and footnotes

◈ Benefits

If your paper (written in English only) is presented at the conference, you will automatically have a publication opportunity in Asia Marketing Journal (ISSN 1598-7868). Through a simplified (favourable) review process, the editor of AMJ will decide whether to publish your paper after the conference.

– Asia Marketing Journal (

◈ General Secretary

– Jiyeon Eoh (Sogang University,

– Seongsoo Jang (Grenoble Ecole de Management,

About KMA

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