Dear Colleagues and Friends,

On behalf of the Korean Marketing Association, we welcome you to the 2022 ICAMA(International Conference of Asian Marketing Associations) at Jeju Island, Korea. It is a big honor to organize the 2022 ICAMA, which has been a very special conference for Asian researchers. The ICAMA is truly the best venue for research-active scholars in Asia. We offer a variety of sessions chaired by prestigious leading scholars in Asia. As usual, the 2022 ICAMA also provides conference participants with a variety of special issues which will be issued by several prestigious journals.

The theme of the ICAMA 2022 is "New Marketing Waves in Asian Markets". We organize six global sessions and six new trend sessions with special sessions, such as "Meeting journal editors," and China session for China Marketing Association of Universities (CMAU) .

Without the effort of the conference organizing committee and all the staff the ICAMA would not exist. I appreciate their significant contribution to the conference with a big hand.

The 2022 ICAMA will be a very special venue for all the Asian researchers. We promise a delightful and productive time to all of you by doing our best for the success of the 2022 ICAMA. I look forward to seeing you at the 2022 ICAMA conference in October.

Best Regards,
Jaihak Chung
Chair of the 2022 ICAMA at Jeju Island, Korea
Vice President of the Korean Marketing Association
Sogang University