2020 ICAMA KAS: Thank you for attending our conference


Dear Korean Marketing Association members and 2020 ICAMA-KAS Conference participants:


Wed like to take this opportunity to thank everyone who attended this conference and made this event a truly special one. Although we had to make several schedule changes and were not able to gather here in Seoul, we were very fortunate to virtually have a wonderful keynote speech and exciting presentations. We all enjoyed more than 80 research presentations across 23 sessions. About 25 members joined each session (in some sessions the number went up to 80!). We know that the online conference is not perfect yet. Nevertheless, we could clearly see that we all are ready for the upcoming changes. More importantly, we were very happy to see that everyone was eager to share their quality research and participate in constructive conversations, regardless of the pandemic.  


Special thanks to Dr. Charles Taylor, our keynote speaker. He joined the conference from Philadelphia, USA, at inconvenient time and still gave us a very insightful talk. We are deeply grateful to the guest editors from sponsoring journals. They carefully designed the presentation sessions for us and attended every session to participate in the conversations. We thank all the presenters. They kindly accommodated the last minute requests from us and were perfectly ready for the online meeting. We also thank the organizing committee and staffs from KMA and KAS. The conference couldn’t be possible without their valuable time and efforts.


You can visit our conference website to check out the conference programs and proceedings. You may find many more interesting research ideas. Hope to meet all of you again in the near future online or offline. 


Thank you!


Sangman Han, President of Korean Marketing Association

Yung Kyun Choi, President of Korea Advertising Society

Wooseong Kang, Conference Co-chair of the 2020 ICAMA-KAS Conference

Taeyong Kim, Conference Co-chair of the 2020 ICAMA-KAS Conference


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