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Paper Submission(Link)

1) Language options
All papers except in local sessions are required to be submitted and presented in English.
Papers in local sessions may be submitted and presented in their local languages.
However, all presenters should provide a one-page abstract written in English.

2) Paper type options
Full paper (up to 20 double-spaced pages with one page single-spaced abstract), or abstract only (one single-spaced page)

3) Formatting basics
File Types: Microsoft Word (No PDFs, please)
Font: 12-point Times New Roman for English-written papers
(For local language papers, use proper fonts designated by each track chair.)
Page 1 (for both full papers and abstracts): Original manuscript title in the top line, centered, with the first letter of each word capitalized (and English title in the next line for local language papers) + One blank line + Name of authors and universities in English, centered (one line per person) + One blank line + “ABSTRACT,” centered + One blank line + Text (abstract in English—including research question, method and data, findings, and key contributions), justified.
Page 2 and on (for full papers): Main text with proper headings + References (to be listed alphabetically, last name first, followed by publication date in parentheses. Please follow this style guide: www.ama.org/publications/JournalOfMarketing/documents/AMA_Reference_Style.pdf) + Endnotes + Tables + Figures + Appendices.
Main Text: Primary heading should be centered, all capitalized, with a return before and after. Secondary heading should flush left, with title-style capitalization and a return before.

4) Submission procedures
All submissions should be made electronically. The online system has opened for authors in July https://forms.gle/LKCB2CeYyyWZkeYD7. Each paper can be submitted to only ONE session. Submitted papers will undergo a peer review process.